Welded Metal Sculpture
by Dan Delcollo

(November 2008)

My Tinysaurus was my second sheet metal project based on papercraft designs. He came out a little larger than I intended, and the photos do not do a good job of showing the scale. He stands more than 20 inches tall and more than 42 inches tip to tail. Most of the 22 gauge steel sheet metal used was cut out on the band saw, but some were cut with a plasma torch and a few with a nibler. Most of the welding was done with my MIG at home, but there were a few welds, mostly patches, that were done using Oxy-acetylene. The decision to try and grind down all of my welds was a big mistake, and sucked up huge amounts of time and resulted in much frustration. I eventually had to give up trying to make him look completely smooth since each weld/grind/re-weld/re-grind/patch created another cycle which was going to eventually end in the destruction and failure of the piece. I eventually had to give in and move past it. The darker color was achieved with a combination of heat-oxide using a rosebud tip and Oxy-acetylene and "tool black" oxide using a chemical oxide solution. The eyes are taxidermy eyes I ordered from a place online and were sold as "shark eyes". An earlier version used "aligator eyes" but were slightly too cartoonish. The base was made from birch plywood stained "terra cotta".

Based on Fluidity css adapted by Dan Delcollo