Renaissance Hand
by Dan Delcollo

Renaissance Hand (November 2004)

My Renaissance Hand is one of my pieces that I am most proud of.  I spent a long time thinking and planning out the project before I began and it was one of the most complex and long term projects I have completed.  I started out with an idea of making a welded sculpture anatomical hand after staring at bones all day in physiology class.  I studied photos, models and sketches in order to get the dimensions of each bone right and while they are not exactly perfect, they are at least to scale.  I made each bone separately and carried them around in a box disassembled while I struggled with the pose that I wanted for the hand.  I wanted to try and find something non-threatening for a pose.  While it is a skeletal hand, I didn't want it to be scary or Halloweenish.  But I also didn't want it to be a goofy or silly pose like a "thumbs up", "peace" or "hang loose".  In the end I decided that a relaxed point was a natural, non-threatening pose.  I used the "hand of God" reaching out to touch Adam on the Sistine Chapel as my pose, as painted by Michelangelo, hence the name "Renaissance"

Based on Fluidity css adapted by Dan Delcollo