Brinks the Armored Fish
by Dan Delcollo

Brinks the Sea Bass (June 2003)

Brinks is the armored fish.  Modeled after a cartoonish sea bass, he is definitely heavy metal.  I used oxy-acetylene to cut out his parts from varying thickness of plates, from 1 inch down to about 1/4".  I used ARC to weld his parts together.  He is so heavy that it's hard to find a place to display him. The story about his trip from California to Delaware is kind of funny.  Because it would have been so expensive to ship this 65 lb beast, not counting the crating necessary to do so, I decided to try and transport him more cheaply by hand.  Back then, the airlines weren't quite so strict about carry on weights, but had cracked down on checked luggage.  I put the fish inside a heavy burlap duffle bag that I could just barely lift with one hand, and lugged him through the airport.  While waiting for my flight I accidentally tipped him over and he fell nose first onto the floor.  Brinks was undamaged, but the fall tore a small hole in the bag where it was pinched against his nose and the ground, and there was a huge gouge taken out of the linoleum.  I nonchalantly picked him up and walked away.  When I got to the Security screeners I plopped him down on the conveyor.  The look on the screener's face when he saw what was coming through the X-ray was priceless.  He stood there shocked and jaw dropped while he elbowed another employee to take a look.  The second guy got an eyeful and had the same expression, then a third.  All three of them were staring at the screen when I said, "its a fish".  All three nodded slowly in unison, and the first screener said, "yes, yes it is".

Based on Fluidity css adapted by Dan Delcollo