The Wedge Prank

The Wedge Prank

This is one of Susan’s favorite stories from my college prank days. I was an incorrigible prankster during college, and did a lot of damage when I was living in the dorms. One of the pranks that I used to do fairly often was my wedge prank.

I had a couple of pieces of two-by-four that I had cut on the diagonal to make wedges. They were about 6 inches long and when stacked together could make a variable height platform by sliding the pair of wedges closer together or further apart. Two pairs of wedges were needed for the prank, but I always had a few extra because sometimes I would be running the prank in multiple locations at the same time.

The prank worked like this: When someone was out of their room I would sneak in and “Wedge up” their bed by sliding a pair of wedges under each leg of the bed on the wall side. Typically I would aim to raise the bed only about 3/4 of an inch or so. The idea was to raise the wall side of the bed just enough that it didn’t look tilted even though it was. The perfect angle would make the bed feel fine when you were sitting on the bed, but make you feel a little dizzy or feel like you were rolling into the room when you laid down. But when you sat up again, the bed would seem normal, and make the victim go a little crazy wondering why they got this strange feeling every time they laid down. I also occasionally did it the other way around, but the wedges were too easily seen in the front, so it was better to do it against the wall side.

One day I decided to “Wedge” my roommate’s bed. He already knew about the prank, so I decided to be extra careful and only wedge his bed about1/4 of an inch at a time, and limit myself to only a couple or raises per week. I didn’t anticipate that he would get used to the tilty bed and never seemed to notice that his bed was getting more and more slanted. Over time I got to the point that his bed was so severely tilted that I thought there was no way that he wouldn’t notice that his bed was wedged. I had the wall side of his bed raised a full 5 inches off the floor and he still didn’t notice.

One afternoon I finally decided to take the wedges out and return his bed to level. That night when he went to bed to lie down, he felt as though he was rolling into the wall. He had gotten so used to the tilt, that after it was gone, his body compensated and made him feel like his bed was tilted the other way. He jumped out of bed and grilled me about wedging his bed, but I denied it since the wedges were back in my prank box. He searched under his bed certain that I had wedged his bed but couldn’t find the wedges. He even accused me of somehow altering his bedframe to make it tilt towards the wall. He was so certain I had changed his bed to make it tilt that he spent the night on the floor to keep from feeling dizzy in his bed.

Based on Fluidity css adapted by Dan Delcollo