of Dan Delcollo

Paramedic Stories

The Moving Stain   What's more gross than a patient vomiting blood? The Stain!
De-Gloved Feet   Why wear socks when you can de-glove your feet?
The Last Run of My First Day   My first day as a Paramedic was a doozy.
One Armed Bandit   Recycling can be dangerous work.

College Stories

Phone Phreak   Obsessive noise meets it's sweet revenge from Australia.
Apple Bomb   Fermenting moonshine can be explosive...
The Wedge Prank   Tilty people can be a whole lot of fun.
My FHM "True Story"  I sent in this fake embarrassing story to win $50 from FHM Magazine
Greg and the Goo  English essay I wrote retelling a story about Greg Lewis and his roommate

Medical Stories

"Help, I just injected myself with succinylcholine"   Anesthesiologists can be really tricksy people
"I don't know why he swallowed it"   How much brains does it take to swallow a tack?

Random Stories

A Brush with an Escalade full of Transvestites   Los Angeles has a lot of interesting sights
Steel Talons   Girlfriends like Arcade Games right? Especially really big ones!
The Four Quart Challenge   An impossible bet becomes possible.

Based on Fluidity css adapted by Dan Delcollo