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Main dishes

Aunty Taka's Chicken   Cheryl's Aunt's Asian style chicken recipe
Baked Chicken and Lentils   Easy and flavorful chicken and lentil dish
Cem's Kofte (Turkish Meatballs)   Cem's Kofte can be adapted for Kabobs, Meatballs, and more!
Mariah's Chicken Enchiladas   What's better than chicken enchiladas? CHICKEN ENCHILADAS!
Corn Bread Beef Bake   An easy casserole that Dan is forbidden to make...(but still does)
Dan Lew's Chicken #13   The thirteenth weapon in an all chicken arsenal (spicy)
Dan's Famous Chili   Dan's Secret Chili recipe revealed? Try it and find out.
*new*Dan's Slowcooker Pasta Sauce   Easy chunky, tomatoe-y pasta sauce. *new*
Don's Chicken Curry   A fusion curry recipe? Perhaps... check it out.
Don's Pasta Florentine   Forget Olive Garden. This is real pasta, the way it should be
Jeff's Clam Linguini   Easy Clam Linguini. That sounds good, and is fun to say.
Lora's Chicken Chili   Lora's classic Chicken Chili
Sadako's Pasta Sauce   Real meat sauce isn't sweet. After this you'll never go back to the dark side.
Tatertot Casserole   Bachelor Casserole. Devolve and eat it straight out of the dish with the mixing spoon.
Tracy's Cioppino   Ooh-La-la, So fancy. In fact, I'm not even sure I can pronounce it.

Side dishes

Dan's Ultimate Stuffing   The ultimate in stuffing recipes. This one has it all, hence it's ultimate-ness.
Greg's Tom Yum Soup   Want an authentic tasting Thai soup? Ask the guy who's been there.
Kowdley's Eggplant   A recipe Mike Kowdley denies the existence of. Yet here it is!
Noreen's Lumpia   Authentic Philipino lumpia. No, you pronounce it "pilipino" the "h" is silent
Susan's Asparagus   Susan's contribution to culinary cuisine.


Corn and Black Bean Salsa   Need an appetizer for your chicken enchiladas? Try this!
Lora's Artichoke Dip   Holy Hot Artichokes! This stuff goes fast!


Andrea's Flan   Easy flan recipe adaptable for large or small ramkins
Jeff's Amaretto Cheesecake   Desert you will want to eat first.
Creme Brule   Maple Syrup Creme Brule, with or without torch
Monica's Apple Pie   Even if you can't get organic apples, you can still use this to make great pie.


Mike's Margarita   Real Margarita's don't come from a mix! Mix up this drink... Eh, you know what I meant.
Uber Garlic Pickles   You aren't really _making_ the pickles, you are just making them UBER!
Yemen Fried Bread   Melawach? It's fried dough, and quite yummy

Based on Fluidity css adapted by Dan Delcollo