Susan as a Powerpuff Girl

Susan as a Powerpuff Girl

This whole idea started when Cem asked me which cartoon character Susan would be.  The first thing that came to mind was one of the Powerpuff Girls.  Initially I thought Susan would obviously be Buttercup since she is the black haired one, but it as I found out later, Buttercup also happens to be the angry one. 

Susan isn't so angry.  So I decided that I ought to Photoshop her a smile instead of a frown.  It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.  Trying to edit a grainy microscopic pictures was tough.  Along the way I discovered that Buttercup's frowny face isn't the only problem. She has angry eyebrows as well.  Since I was already doing the smile, why stop there?  Ah, but Susan doesn't have green eyes does she?  Nope, her eyes are brown.  Nothing Photoshop can't handle right?  While we are at it, Buttercup's hair isn't cut quite right.  Susan has long hair that she usually pulls back into a pony tail.  Maybe we would be better off starting with a different Powerpuff Girl?

Bubbles might make a better starting point.  She smiles, which is helpful, but she's still blonde and blue eyed.  Why, just phone up our good friend Photoshop and we are back in business.  Ah, but Bubbles has Pig Tails, not a Ponytail.  Maybe if we whack off her Pig Tails, and use one as a Ponytail?  Sure, no problem for Photoshop!  Unless you are a Photoshop pro, all kinds of problems start cropping up.  See how her Pig Tails make a dent in her otherwise egg shaped head?  Well it turns out that trying to undent her head is pretty tough.

Blossom is right out, she has none of the features we are looking for, but since I already had pictures of the other two, I couldn't leave her out could I?  But that still leaves us with all kinds of problems as to how to make Susan into a Powerpuff Girl.  It occurred to me that maybe I ought to just start from scratch.  Sure, sounds easy enough, just a couple of ovals and a few lines right?  So, 6 hours later I am screaming at Photoshop for only having 20 undo steps wondering why this was a good idea in the first place.  Round about this time is when I told Sara about trying to make Susan into a cartoon character only to have her say, "Why don't you make her into Mulan?"  Damnit.  That would have been way easier.  But no, I am 6 hours into this, no turning back now!

In the process of searching high and low for pictures of the Powerpuff Girls, I ran across a couple of Powerpuff videos.  Got nothing better to do?  Check em out.  I obviously have nothing more important to do than draw cartoon characters.

Powerpuff Girls meet the Super Friends

Powerpuff Girls Reloaded Movie Trailer

Fast forward another 6 hours, (yeah, that's 12 for those keep track) and I finally finish with Susanpuff.  Behold my masterpiece!

What's next on the horizon?  Certainly not any more cartooning, this stuff is just too hard.

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