Cem Soykan guest stars on the Simpsons

Cem Soykan guest stars on the Simpsons

The other day I was watching a rerun the Simpsons and was totally shocked to find out that Cem Soykan guest starred as a character in the episode 295 (Season 14 episode 4) "Large Marge" as the character "Angello".  It was not surprising that Angello like Cem "likes to chew".  Need proof?  Check this out! (The video clip of Cem in episode 295 is available here)

Cem also appeared in episode 332 (Season 16 episode 2) "All's Fair in Oven War" as the contractor's kissing sub-contractor.  While it is clear that it is definitely Cem, we can see that in an attempt to conceal his identity, the animators of the Simpsons changed his hair color from brown to black.  With the correct color restored there is no doubt of his identity.  (The video clip of Cem in episode 332 is available here)


I also have it on good authority that Cem has also starred in commercials as well.  Unfortunately the only proof of this I was able to find without paying for the clip was this image from his animated appearance as the Reach flip-top head guy.  Obviously this is an animated likeness but the likeness is remarkable.

If for some bizarre reason you wanted to the guest star shots of Cem without the text, they are available here.

CemCartoon1.jpg  52kb

CemCartoon2a.jpg  49kb

CemCartoon2b.jpg  49kb

And why did I go through all this research to publish all these amazing findings?  I really don't have a good reason for you other than Cem is cool, and I wanted to do this ever since his birthday after seeing the Simpsons episode and recognizing Cem in it.

Happy belated Birthday Cem.

Update 6/21/06

Further research has shown that Cem's wife Rhonda is also famous.  Rhonda Gill is Olive Oyl.  No seriously, take a look at the pictures.  It's undeniable.  Be sure to check it out by going to Rhonda's Page.

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