Random Loading Images Gallery

Random Loading Images Gallery

If you wanted to see all of the available randomly loaded images of me, Susan and I, and the header images, this is the place to check them out.


Susan and Dan

Current Headers

A few words about the headers
Most of the images are originally from stock.xchng, but new headers are added all the time.
The real headers have dimensions of 1680 X 175 so unless you have a really wide screen, there may me more to the photo than you can see.
I used photoshop to hack up the original photos and manipulate them so that they worked for my purposes, in some cases, this meant dramatically changing the original photo.

Removed Headers

Removed headers have been removed either due to unpopularity, or because they are somehow lacking compared to the other headers. If I find a way to improve them, they make a comeback to circulation.

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