Photo Collection
of Dan Delcollo

Susan and Dan

Alaska Cruise 2007   Susan and Dan, on our long awaited Alaskan Cruise Vacation
Baja Cruise 2007   Susan and Dan, Sara, Pete, Mark and Lynn cruise to Baja Mexico!
Jamaica 2005   Susan and Dan, Andrea and Henrik, 6 days in Jamaica (selected photos)
Snorkel Kayak 2003  Susan, Dan and friends on a cruise excursion in Cabo
Susan and Dan's Wedding 2005   Susan and Dan's Wedding (August 13th, 2005)
Scuba Certification Class  Susan and Dan learn to scuba dive in Dutch Springs PA


Clamming 2004   My mom and I went Clamming using a new technique, and this was the result.
Disneyland April 2007   Sara, Kevin, Susan and I at Disneyland


NEW! My Chest X-Rays and CAT Scans   In April 2007 I was hospitalized with Wegner's Granulomatosis. Here are my Chest films and CT Scans NEW!
Halloween 2007   Photos of our Halloween decorations for 2007
My Tumor   Did you know that Dan had a tumor?  Find out where!
Random Loading Gallery   Sick and tired of hitting reload to see the random header images, or the pics of Dan and/or Susan? See them all in the gallery

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