Random Project Links

"Make" Magazine   "Make" is a DIY Quarterly Magazine featuring a ton of random electronic, home improvement and other projects. Their normal content is subscription based, But you can still read their daily blog that updates daily. I highly recommend it.   Making stuff into other stuff, one project a day
Studio Creations   A "How To" site dedicated to the art of Costume and Prop making. Includes "Make your own Storm Trooper Costume" and "Make your own vacuum forming table"
Jeff Barrett's Wiz War   Jeff has complete content and instructions on how to make your own Wiz War game
Introduction to Stepper Motors   I re-printed this web article on how stepper motors work.
The Chispito Windmill Power Generator   Re-Printed Web Article on how to build a Windmill Power Generator
$200 Machine Shop   My page on how to put together a rudimentary machine shop for about $200

Comics, Comedy and Time Wasting   Long and intricate story lines in a web comic about furies. Updated MWF (No, I am not a furry)   A Web comic taking aim at gamers. Updated daily   A very nice web comic. Updated daily when he feels like it   John Hargrave is the King of Dot Comedy   Collection of web playable, downloadable and addictive mini games

Deal Shopping Sites   Daily updated deals on Tech Stuff   Another daily updated deal site for Tech Stuff>   Daily updated deals of Tech stuff and other stuff

Random Dan Stuff

Ultra Modern Anniversary Gift List   Forget Traditional Anniversary Gifts, or even Modern Anniversary gifts. This is the Ultra Modern Version
Cem Soykan guest stars on the Simpsons   A tribute to Cem Soykan I put together for his (belated) birthday.
Rhonda Gill is Olive Oyl   Another cartoon tribute, this one for Rhonda Gill, (Cem's wife).
Susanpuff   Susan as a Powerpuff Girl cartoon character

Armor Stuff (I have nowhere else to put it for now)

The Mail Maker's Guide   A chain mail primer
Chain Mail Round Pattern   How to make round chain mail shapes
Mailmaker Mathew Johnston   Lots of brilliant chainmail stuff and also SCA armor
Blade Turner   Amazing source of info, patterns and plans for both chain and plate armor
The Ring Lord   Commercial site that sells Tools, Wire, Rings and Scales for making your own Armor

Orc Armor Stuff   A costume group in Canada that actually made a replica suit of Uruk Hai Orc Armor
Alley Cat Scratch LOTR site   HUGE resource for LOTR Costumes. Really huge.
The Making of a Moria Orc   Complete details on how Ed Martinez and Nina Kempf created their own Moria Orc
Carolyn's Frodo Costume Page   Carolyn actually looks a lot like Frodo and has amazing costumes including detailed instructions on how she made a Frodo in Orc armor costume
Leah's Sam Costume Page   From the same troupe as Carlyn, including detailed instructions on how she made a Sam in Orc armor costume

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