Junkyard Wars
Team WrecKreation Application Video

Junkyard Wars
Team WrecKreation Application Video

Back in 2001, Henrik, Jeff and I decided that we wanted to apply to be on the show "Junkyard Wars". I'm not sure if the show is still around anymore, but for those that don't know what I'm talking about, it was a semi-educational show on The Learning Channel, where teams of 3 would team up with an "expert" and compete to build some sort of engineering or mechanical challenge in only one day using parts that they would scavenge out of a "junkyard". Because it was a TV show, they added or engineered some drama, the "experts" always knew what the challenge was going to be ahead of time so they would come up with a plan, and a shopping list of stuff that they knew they'd need and the "junkyard" would be stocked with all the items from the list. But the idea of the show was to showcase engineering concepts to kids and have fun doing it.

Anyway, part of the application process was to put together a video. The elements of the video were supposed to include both an introduction of the members of your team, as well as explain why you were a team and also to "explain something mechanical" They were a little vague on this part because it was supposed to be your opportunity to be creative, and give them a chance to see how good you were at being educational as well as entertaining.

Our team name (WrecKreation) came from the idea that we were the extreme sport guys, who did all kinds of camping and climbing and other recreational activities as well as being destructive. Get it? Wreck and Recreation = WrecKreation.

With Pete's, Lora's and a couple other people we filmed our video over the course of a weekend. We spent one day on location in Consumnes river gorge, and one day destroying the "Pete's Fridge" on location in Jeff's backyard. Some of the jokes we tried to include in the original video didn't really translate that well into this compressed video format. You can't really read the credits where a lot of the jokes are. But the audio is good. The one joke that probably needs the most explaining is the "out take" from the end where Jeff and Henrik drink the "freon". We had to drain the coolant out of the fridge, and unfortunately we weren't really very environmentally safe about it. We drained the coolant into a jar, and most of the refrigerant evaporated into a hole in the ozone over Jeff's backyard. But we were able to extract most of the oil. The carrier oil looked almost exactly like chicken broth. So when we wanted a prop that looked like the freon. Henrik went inside and actually made chicken broth, which he and Jeff then proceeded to drink. It looked too much like the freon to me, and the out take is of them trying to convince me to drink it.

So here is the Video. You have to download it. Its in Windows Media Video format, so hopefully your player will handle it. Its still fairly large even after I compressed the crap out of it, so its still 7.5megs. My download quota for this site is only low, so if you have already seen the video, please don't keep downloading it repeatedly. Probably the best thing is to download it and save it to your hard drive, that way you can watch it as many times as you want and show it to your friends and all that good stuff.

I have no idea why, but if for some reason you wanted to see the rest of our application, the paper part of our application can be found here:

Dan's Application

Henrik's Application

Jeff's Application  

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