Invention - Creation - Projects
of Dan Delcollo

Welded Art

The Renaissance Hand
Goofy Bird
Brinks the Sea Bass
The Nail Fish
Goofy Snake
3 and 1/4 penny lure
Abscess Spider
*new * Tinysaurus *added 11/2008*

Inventions - Creations - Projects

$200 Machine Ship  How to put together a rudimentary machine shop for about $200
The homemade gadget power center  a gadget power center and organizer with individual power switches
Liberator power cords  Make your own short little power cables to deal with bulky transformers
Crock-o-Stat  How to build a dimmer switch outlet to fine tune a Crock-Pot
*new* De-Shedding Tool  Make your own homemade pet de-shedding brush for less than $3 *added 2/17/2009*

Household Projects

GT Coffee Table  a 30" X 48" X 18" coffee table for Gene and Tinvan

Projects of Mischief and Mayhem

Marble Shooting Airgun  A bolt action, wadless, 200psi pneumatic, marble shooting airgun

Random Projects

Lego pneumatic digger   an example project to help sell my Lego Solenoid Valves
Team Wreckreation   Our appliation video for the TLC show Junkyard Wars

Based on Fluiditycss adapted by Dan Delcollo