The GT Coffee Table

The GT Coffee Table

Gene and Tinvan (Susan's cousins) asked if I could make them a coffee table to replace the one they had since their old coffee table was so old.  It's age was unknown, but it seemed old enough and repainted enough that it might actually contain lead paint under there somewhere, so they decided to go with a new table.

When I asked them for dimensions, they asked for it to be 30 X 48 and be 18 inches tall.  The only other thing they asked for was that the narrow ends of the table not have anything obstructing them so that their kids could sit on the ends and use it like a regular table.  With that in mind I recruited Susan's help and cranked out the table in under 8 hours start to finish.  The total cost of all the materials was $65.  In terms of tools, I used:

Table Saw (with both regular and 1/2" dado blade
Miter Saw
Drill Press
Hand Drill
Router with 1/2" round over bit
General wood supplies like screws, sandpaper, glue etc.

I created some sketch plans that detail all of the measurements and materials in Excel.  They can be used as plans if someone was interested in using them to make their own similar table.

The reason I called the table the GT coffee table is because I made it for Gene and Tinvan.

Here are a few pics of the project.

Dan on the Table Saw Susan using the Router
Finished table top Finished table 3/4 view

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